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October 13, 2016
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Business Review – Hampton Court Palace

Hampton Court Palace is one of the most iconic and historic royal palaces in the United Kingdom. Situated only a few minutes taxi ride from Wimbledon the palace is easily accessible.

The Palace is the former home of the larger than life monarch King Henry VIII. During his reign he extended this most grand of palaces after acquiring it in 1520, and subsequent royal occupants have furnished it with decadent tapestries and paintings over the centuries.

Set in 60 acres of formal gardens, including the great maze and the Great Vine, this palace is a must if visiting London.

Things Of Interest

  • Hampton Court is believed to have its own ghosts, a screaming lady thought to be Catherine Howard. Also the grey ghost Dame Sybil Penn is believed to haunt the Clock Courts.
  • The mysterious disappearance of Charles I’st in the summer of 1647 is still not solved. He apparently fled his then royal prison to get a boat to the Isle of Wight.
  • Hampton Court Garden displays over 200,000 flowers during spring.
  • The Great Hall (the greatest Medieval hall) once hosted a performance of the Shakespeare’s company the King’s Men in 1603.
  • Three of the walls that surround the tennis court date back to the 17th century, one of them being Cardinal Wolseley’s original.

The Great Vineyard

Planted in 1769 the Great Vineyard is a historic and longstanding feature of the Palace. Originally called Shiva Grossa which translates as Black Hamburg. The vine is first cultivated in a greenhouse, which is the Victorian method. The grapes normally ripen in August and are sold during the first three weeks of December.

Hampton Court Gardens

The gardens are a horticultural feat to be admired and cover 750 acres with the formal gardens being 60 acres. Within the gardens is the Great Vine, The Privy Garden ( a recreation of the 1702 garden for William III), The Tiltyard Walls, Home Park ( 700 acres of deer park), and the Palace Maze, consisting of half a mile of winding passages between 7ft high yew trees.

Tudor Kitchens

The kitchens remain as a testament to Tudor dining, the kitchens of Henry VIII are the largest kitchens of the day, hardly surprising his waistline was so large. Built during 1530 and 1737, the kitchens served up food to 600 people twice a day in addition to royal banquets. The cooks supposedly lie by the fire in very little clothes and would drink on the job, having access to all the beer supply.

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