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Heathrow and Gatwick Airport Guide


Two of the UK’s biggest and busiest airports are situated just a short trip away from the centre of London. Heathrow to the west and Gatwick to the South.

Both are easily accessible by road using the impressive motorway system between the capital and the airports.


Heathrow Airport

Heathrow is the UK’s biggest and busiest airport by far and has five terminals. The site is colossal it spans 1,227 hectares and in 2013 over 72 million people passed through Heathrow. It’s busiest day just short of a quarter of a million people arrived and departed.

Heathrow currently has two runways with a third planned for future development. On average 1,200 flights land and leave every day serving 180 destinations in 85 countries.

  • Terminal 1

Opened in 1968 and redeveloped in 2005, Terminal 1 is Heathrow’s main base for domestic as well as short haul and some long haul flights. Roughly 14 million passengers travel through this terminal every year.

  • Terminal 2

A very stylish terminal opened in June 2014 at a cost of 2.5b. It is now capable of handling 20 million passengers a year. When Terminal 1 is demolished then Terminal 2 will be the airport’s major terminal.

  • Terminal 3

This is Heathrow’s oldest terminal built in the 1960’s, and mainly home to long haul airlines. An average of 18.5 million passengers pass through every year.

  • Terminal 4

Located to the south of the airport and on the edge of Heathrow. This terminal is used mainly for long haul and European flights. It is the smallest of all the terminals in terms of passenger numbers.

  • Terminal 5

When it originally opened Terminal 5 was considered a bit of a disaster but has greatly improved and is now one of the best terminals in the world. It opened in 2008 and more than 30 million passengers passed through it’s doors in 2013.

Gatwick Airport Guide

Gatwick Airport

Gatwick Airport is the UK’S second largest airport and also the most efficient single-runway airport in the world. It serves over 200 destinations in 90 countries and accommodates over 40 million passengers a year on both short and long haul services.

Gatwick has two terminals; The North and the South and there has recently been a redevelopment to extend the North Terminal introducing dedicated lanes for families or passengers needing assistance.

The inter terminal shuttle service has been replaced including a revamp of airport amenities such as restaurants and shopping facilities.

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