Apart from our traditional, cash, credit-card, pre-booked, short notice services, we also have below:

If you have regular bookings, or if you’re a local business and wish to open up a priority account facility,
we would be delighted to have you on board with our many other corporate accounts.

Full references from many satisfied clients can be provided on request.


Please contact:
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Without ever wishing to patronise our female clients – but understanding the concerns for safety, especially late at night.

Elite Cars offer all our female clients that are out alone, and wish to get home quickly a free priority service.

By informing our Operations Department that you are in need of our service – alone and wish to get home, will automatically place your booking as high priority.

We will despatch a vehicle to you immediately.

We will also SMS your Vehicle and Driver details to you,
so you can be sure that you are getting into an Elite Car.