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What’s On at the Wimbledon Championships in 2019

What's New at the Wimbledon Championships 2019

The Wimbledon Tennis Championships are one of the best and well-known sporting events in the World. Not only is this prestigious tennis event one of the best-known events in the world it is one of the oldest, dating back to 1877.

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Already established as a premier tennis venue, Wimbledon never stands still in improving the audience experience. And the All England Club is constantly updating facilities for both players and spectators.

This continuous program of development will continue in the 2019 Championships, so spectators and players alike can expect the following.

Number 1 Court Completion

The famous Number 1 Court at Wimbledon is only eclipsed by Centre Court as far as tennis history is concerned. The greatest tennis stars of all time have battled with each other on this famous old court, amazing and legendary matches have taken place here and new records made and old ones broken.

A three-year upgrade of Number 1 Court is to be complete in 2019. The new fixed roof will now have a retractable section so it can be completely covered. So spectators to Number 1 Court in 2019 will not have to negotiate a building site next year.

Bigger Screen

Another great new development around the Number 1 Court with a much larger TV screen, with a massive eighteen meters wide screen. This will make the following of the games for spectators outside the courts really easy and exciting.

Demolishing Court 19

The demolishing of Court 19 is now complete and the development of a two-level plaza named The Walled Garden will be completed in 2019. This will be a public facility that all visitors can use and will contain shops, cafes and seated areas.

More Time Between Points

The playing authorities at Wimbledon have decided that the extra allocated period of twenty-five seconds between points will be kept. Which will definitely suit slower players such as Rafael Nadal. The time will be discreetly be monitored by the umpire and will not be in public view like the U.S Open.

Less Time to Warm-Up

Tennis tournaments today are under immense pressure to speed proceeding up, and Wimbledon has pledged to do their bit in this respect. The pre-game warm-up will strictly be monitored for time.

Players must be ready a minute after walking on the court for the pre-match meeting, then only a five-minute warm-up period before one extra minute of final preparations before the match starts.

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