Taxi Service in Wimbledon

The easiest and most convenient way of getting around the London suburb of Wimbledon is by using a reputable local minicab service. Wimbledon comes alive during the famed tennis fortnight and is buzzing with activity with players, fans and coaches all descending on the quiet south London borough.

During this time we would advise for visitors to stay slightly outside the town and utilise a good taxi service to commute. Many homeowners take advantage of this sudden influx of people and rent their properties out to the myriad of fans, stars and physios all wanting accommodation.

If you are looking for a reliable a Wimbledon taxi company then Elite Car Service are ready to assist. We have a reputation for reliability whether you need us for a short local journey in Wimbledon or if you are travelling further afield.

Staying Outside Wimbledon? Use Elite Car Service for Your Transportation

If you cannot manage to find accommodation during the Wimbledon Tennis Fortnight, or have found the rates being touted as too exorbitant then do not worry. It is relatively easy to find reasonable accommodation in adjoining boroughs and let Elite Car Service handle your daily commute. Our drivers have expert local knowledge and will guide you around the travel madness to your destination, on time and in comfort.

Book your minicab ahead of time and we will be waiting to pick you up.

Just phone us today 020 8944 7000 or email, or book using our online booking form.

We accept Visa, MC and PayPal, average booking response time is 20 minutes.

Wimbledon the Rest of the Year

Wimbledon has many things to offer the visitor apart from a tennis tournament every year. It has great outdoor walks and activities on Wimbledon Common, superb restaurants and pubs and great shopping.

There is a fine tradition going back centuries of Markets in Wimbledon, including the Farmers Market, Market on the Piazza and the Wimbledon Village Fair. All manner of goods and fresh produce are on display just waiting to be discovered by rummaging bargain hunters.

Wimbledon also houses some unique businesses that can offer some amazing services to rival the best in London. Rising Dragon is the place to head to for all the Feng Shui advice that you could ever need.

Kingston is also a great place to experience some great open air events and to see concerts and shows. The town regularly offer top class entertainment, if not to outshine the West End but to at least compete, and there are also great daily things to do and see.

Getting about in Wimbledon is made easier with the reliable Wimbledon cabs service offered by Elite Car Service. For all you Wimbledon taxi requirements simply contact our friendly team today!

Getting Around Wimbledon

Whether it is on a shopping spree, museum visit, or art gallery trip the easiest way to get about in this charming suburb is with the help of a first class minicab and driver. Let Elite Car Service handle all your minicab and taxi needs both in and out of Wimbledon.